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08.03.2016 0

"CPG´s have meanwhile accepted fixed color pallett printing"

Flexible Packaging Technology has interviewed Carsten Bastians, Marketing Manager EMEA of DuPont about current printing forme related topics.


How was your fiscal year 2015 in terms of sales and turnover, and how is 2016 going so far?

We had a great 2015 and we are looking forward to a successful 2016 as well!

What are the advantages of Cyrel Easy plates?

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03.12.2015 0

Survey: What flexo printers want

The Flexographic printing industry continues to strive for excellence: the best print quality coupled with productivity improvements. So, it is no surprise that in a global survey of users of flexographic printing plates*, a majority of respondents said that they consider high ink transfer with improved printed tonal range among the most important attributes for success. A majority of respondents also indicated that coming up to color faster and running at higher press speeds were equally important.

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