SML Flexpack line
The FlexPack  demo line is ready to demonstrate excellent performance

SML recently installed a FlexPack extrusion coating and laminating line at its premises in Lenzing. For SML, this line represents a valuable tool for the meeting of customer needs and demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to the support of product development in the extrusion coating field.


SML did not aim to design a small, multipurpose line that could do everything to a certain degree, but nothing perfectly. Instead, it was decided to invest in a full-scale production line. The resultant, future-oriented line has the same dimensions and functions as any other of the new FlexPack lines operating at our customers’ production facilities, and is equipped exclusively with first class components, which guarantee maximum reliability and top quality.


The equipment is located in a separate section of the SML plant, adjacent to conference rooms and a test laboratory. This line can be cordoned off from the rest of the building thus providing secrecy for both customers and their products.


It can handle substrates in the 700 to 1,650mm width range with maximum production speeds of up to 450 m/min. Substrates can include oriented film, barrier film, paper, aluminium foil and nonwovens, etc. Both unwinds, as well as the rewinder, are of fully automatic turret design and equipped with a shaftless core clamping system.


A primer coating unit with closed chamber doctor blade system and a 5m-long drying tunnel ensure superior adhesion even on printed products. Moreover, in order to guarantee that sufficient bonding force is also available at high line speeds, it is possible to apply ozone on both sides of the die to accelerate melt curtain oxidation.


A Ø 90mm and a Ø 60mm extruder in combination with a variable 3-layer feedblock and an automatic die with edge bead reduction system facilitate the production of more complex structures.


With a footprint of less than 19m x 14m the line sets new benchmarks in terms of compactness. It might be thought that this design could have a negative influence on operability, but SML has demonstrated the opposite. Practice has shown that such a compact design is even easier to handle than older systems and that the short web paths have a positive effect on web guidance and the

quality produced. The complete line is controlled by a safety PLC, which ensures the highest possible safety standards and provides maximum comfort for the machine operators.


The line can be used for a variety of applications. Typical products are found in the fields of flexible and industrial packaging, along with a number of technical solutions for the building industry. In addition, the line is equipped with our “DoubleCoat” technology for which a patent is pending. This new feature makes it possible to serve completely different markets with breathable products such as surgical drapes for the medical industry, hygienic films and diapers, etc.