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14.07.2016 0

Poly Products installed a Flexo Wash FW 2500 model

Australia based packaging printer Poly Products has installed Flexo Wash Flexo Wash FW 2500 model. The unit will clean and manage the condition and performance of the company’s anilox library.

Previously the anilox rolls had been cleaned by hand, which was time consuming and not effective. Many rollers, earmarked for replacement, were salvageable and brought back into production. According to Poly Products, this has given them an extended working life, and represents a significant saving of more than AUD 3000 per new anilox roll.

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23.06.2016 0

Sleeves with liquid metal slot

The registration slot of sleeves is very crucial and can damage easily. In order to prevent damaging, Techsleeves recently developed the reinforced liquid metal slot. The liquid metal slot is a slot made out of epoxy and metal to make the slot more durable than a reinforced slot. 

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09.06.2016 0

Safe solvent ink dispensing

At drupa, GSE Dispensing has introduced grounding solutions that enable safe dispensing of solvent flexo and gravure inks for packaging. This new safety option enables users of flammable inks to enjoy the benefits of colour on-demand and substantially higher ink yields with greatly reduced risk of fire and explosion.

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09.06.2016 0

Martignoni sells 3 treaters to a Canadian extruder

Martignoni recently supplied 3 new "Coroflex" covered roll treater at a prestigious blown film producer in Canada.

Martignoni's long success with this same customer, supplying Coroflex treaters for their blown film division and converting operation, had a significant influence on the decision to buy Martignoni again. 

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05.05.2016 0

Recyl makes giant leaps in ultrasonic cleaning

At Drupa Recyl will present a new ultrasonic anilox cleaning unit. This cleaning machine integrates multiple functionalities that were historically fragmented.

The new range of machines, christened NextWave by Recyl, incorporates the NexTgen Inside ultrasonic generators from the French firm SinapTec. Additionally, the NexTgen ultrasonic Analyser is a measuring device to diagnose and monitor the efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These functions are natively integrated in SinapTec NexTgen generators.

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11.03.2016 0

Improved and enhanced surface treatment

On the Vetaphones drupa stand will be the UL approved iCorona generator series, including the new iCorona2 and iCorona3. Other equipment on display will include samples of the latest Corona Treater stations VE1C-C, and the VE1E-B, which is fitted with a ceramic roller covering and the new segmented electrodes for improved cleaning and maintenance as well better airflow that prevents dirt from adhering.

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11.03.2016 0

Minimise downtime and improve print quality

At drupa Flexo Wash is presenting solutions to minimise downtime and improve print quality on flexo and gravure presses with a range of equipment cleaning solutions equipment that maintain anilox rolls and cylinders, and in the process also save money.

The fully automatic Multi Cylinder Cleaner that can clean 10-12 gravure cylinders per hour will be exhibited in its full size. New for Drupa is the Flexo Wash Cylinder Washer that cleans with the use of solvents.

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11.03.2016 0

Integrated ink logistics provides roadmap for waste-free, safe workflows

At drupa 2016, GSE Dispensing exhibits ink logistics solutions that eliminate waste, enable repeatable colour on demand and reduce setup times in the label and package printing workflow. Designed for flexo, gravure and screen ink applications, these comprise dispensing systems for spot and process colours, ink bucket washers, table-top off-line proofing systems and integrated ink management software.

Stand highlights include the Colorsat Compact dispensing system, the Evolution Series Perfect Proofer and the Colorclean Indigo bucket washer.  

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03.03.2016 0

Semi-automated plate mounting system

Lasermounter LS-w is a servo driven semi automatic machine which allows the registration of flexo plates with two x-y keys. The design is scalable up to 2800 mm width, and totally enclosed which prevents airborne contamination.

The minimum floor space required for a 1300 mm sleeve model is 0.72 by 2.35 metres. According to the manufacturer the time required for mounting one plate is less than 20 seconds, and for two plates its below 35 seconds with an accuracy and repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm. The unit is built by New Zealand based Flexolink.

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25.02.2016 0

Improve positioning of your slitting knives

Precise positioning of the knife overlap is crucial for clean edges. Depending on the machine, accessing the slitter section may be difficult. Therefore proper readjustment isnt an easy task, sometimes its even dangerous. In order to solve this issue, Dienes has developed the PSGs-DF 50 LED, a pneumatic shear cut knife holder. This advancement is based on Dienes' PSGs-DF 50, and equipped with an LED display.

What's more is that manual adjustment has been optimised as well due to a sensor which automatically registers the knife diameter. 

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