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30.06.2016 0

Drupa was a million pound success for Troika

Quality control system manufacturerTroika Systems reports huge success at Drupa 2016, translating to over a million GPB of new sales revenue over the coming year. During drupa, Troika made over 360 new leads and orders.

Troika launched CorruCAM, a new tool that is able to measure aniloxes within corrugated presses, and presented the development of the Advanced Inspection Microscope (AIM), a fast, accurate and simple to operate 2D microscope that works in conjunction with a number of different applications within the print industry.

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09.06.2016 0

Recyl operates under new flag

Pierre Chevreux, Founder-President of Recyl SAS, France and his fellow shareholders completed the sale of Recyl to O&CG Holding SAS, owned by Charlotte and Olivier Goualard, effective June 1st, 2016.

Recyl was founded back in 1989 as producer for anilox cleaning agents. Over the years the company significantly extended its product range to a large choice of maintenance products and machines for anilox, parts and plates.

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11.03.2016 0

Ultra-HD print image monitoring

At Drupa Erhardt+Leimer presents the print image monitoring system ELSCAN OMS 6, a new reference system for image quality, and the highly-dynamic actuating drive AG 8. Furthermore the company will present the new "WBM-Tool" for the web-based commissioning and operation of a web guiding system.

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18.02.2016 0

New feat for quality control system

The TQC-360° is Grafikontrol's modular platform which covers a range of solutions that cover every aspect of the printing and converting process: production, applications, processes, and services. A new feature in TQC-360°is PROCHECK. This is a system that means waste can be pinpointed, and printing and lamination defects can be traced from start to finish during the printing process. Currently the new feature is patent pending.

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12.11.2015 0

Upgrade for web guiding system

The FE 52 color line sensor by Erhardt+Leimer has been on the market successfully for some time, being used for web guiding in the printing and converting industries, mainly in printing presses and slitter rewinders. Now it adds significant value with an upgrade: the sensor now features a so-called trigger mode, allowing web guiding by an individual criterion within the print image. This individual criterion can be a color line or a contrast, for example an individual letter.

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29.10.2015 0

Comexi has developed a new press control automation

Comexi Group has continued its collaboration with AVT (Advanced Vision Technology), the world leader in print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance, to introduce the next generation of Cingular Real. The solution aims to ensurethe best-possible automatic print pressure and register during makeready.

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10.09.2015 0

AVT introduces inspection and quality control solutions

 AVT has introduced a set of inspection and quality control solutions specifically designed for packaging applications. The company’s Turbo series, which include Apollo Turbo, Argus Turbo and Argus E Turbo, provide valuable features including high-resolution inspection, workflow support and job verification. According to AVT the solutions further exemplify why more than half of the worldwide installations of automatic inspection / quality solutions are AVT technologies. 

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03.09.2015 0

Vibration technology for viscosity control

Gama recently presented new solutions of control process systems VIS G29 and G28, with measurement “vibration” technology for the viscosity control of inks, together with the G90 for temperature control and the G50 for the pH control. The new innovative systems VIS G20 for the viscosity control of inks, VIS G30 for adhesives and varnishes, and VIS G31 for the pH control. These systems benefit from the same innovative features as the previous ones:

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20.08.2015 0

Scan-spectrophotometer able to scan up to a length of 2 meters

TECHKON unveils the new SpectroJet with latest LED technology, the first scan-spectrophotometer on the market able to scan up to a length of 2 meters with a speed of up to 40 cm/second applying the new measuring conditions M0 to M3 according to ISO 13655.

The instrument is equipped with a high resolution spectral sensor and an automatic switchable polarization filter. SpectroJet is a universal tool for automatic measurements and allows shorter pre- setting time of the printing press, less paper waste and higher print quality.

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13.08.2015 0

Inline Static Measurement System offers new possibilities for process optimisation

The ENULEC Inline Static Measurement System offers possibilities for process optimization and an increase in safety during production. Substrates of all types are analysed for electrostatic charge in an inline process and the results so measured are recorded. When a pre-selectable warning threshold has been reached, the system provides a signal to the operator and provides information concerning the critical state of any static electrical charge which is present.

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