Create fingerprints and ICC profiles with only a few measurements

To control your print condition, ICC profiles are essential for proof, soft proof and separation. Generally, every print variation in packaging production requires taking a fingerprint and generating an ICC profile based on it.  To shorten this lengthy, labor-intensive process, ColorLogic offers a reprofiling technology in it’s profiling solution CoPrA 4. This technology allows creation of a printer profile based on a few color measurements. In most cases, using a few color patches from the special color control strips together with a reference profile is sufficient enough. Due to the small size of the color control strips they could easily be placed on the print form. The outstanding reprofiling technology works for CMYK, and in its latest version, also for multicolor systems (e.g. CMYK + orange/red + green + violet/blue) which helps you to generate high-quality ICC profiles for your print production.