Clondalkin Flexoplast in the Netherlands realizes 150-meter waste reduction and a 2-minute time savings in each makeready
Comexi has developed a new press control automation

Comexi Group has continued its collaboration with AVT (Advanced Vision Technology), the world leader in print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance, to introduce the next generation of Cingular Real. The solution aims to ensurethe best-possible automatic print pressure and register during makeready.
The upgraded Cingular Real 2 offers packaging manufacturers valuable enhancements to an already successful product in the form of significant waste reduction. It achieves this by optimizing the makeready process and enhancing communication between the AVT Argus E Turbo system and the Comexi press.Cingular Real 2 was recently installed at Clondalkin’s Flexoplast facility in The Netherlands. Compared to the original version, the head of the Technical Department, Klaas Struiksma, experienced a 150- meter reduction in makeready waste and a time savings of two minutes each time the press made ready. For a typical day’s production of 10 to 15 makereadies this can equate to about half an hour in saved time and a significant amount of saved material. 
Cingular Real analyzes the printed image pressure without the use of marks and automatically drives each printing deck to ideal pressure during the makeready process. The solution also compares a PDF file of the printed job and drives the press to perfect registration during makeready.
Cingular Real 2 is the result of Comexi’s and AVT’s lengthy experience improving the efficiency of converters within the flexible packaging industry. Both Cingular Real and the new upgraded version can operate on AVT’s Argus E Turbo solutions, which enables customers to enjoy speeds up to three times faster with significantly enhanced system resolution. The result is the highest-possible resolution at previously unattainable production speeds for best-in-class inspection with no quality compromise or lost data. Supported by a dedicated LED illumination technology, the solution’s camera provides an unprecedented combination of high-resolution and high-volume quality control.