Brückner in Russia

At Interplastica 2016 in Moscow (Booth FOB46) German Brückner Maschinenbau presents their latest solutions for a flexible, productive and profitable plastics film production.

High performance commodity lines

A decisive factor for film production’s efficiency is the productivity of the production line. Brückner’s film stretching lines offer working widths of up to 10.4m with proven production speeds up to 525 m/min, resulting in high output and efficiency. Visitors to the Brückner booth will see the latest solutions for improved operating stability and line uptime.


New developments for the usage of local resins

Russian film producers like to benefit from the availability of local raw materials. Brückner’s line design is optimized for the usage of various local resins:

Special resin handling system and recipe management for short changeover times

Multi-flexibel extrusion system for high output rates

Direct film casting technology: melt directly from the poly-condensation without main extrusion


Technologies for the manufacture of value-added films

Food packaging extending shelf life and safety for meat, cheese, fresh or frozen fish and seafood: technologies for the manufacture of value-added high-barrier films in 5, 7 or 9 layers

Trendy labels, full body sleeves or tamper evident packaging: in-line and off-line shrink film technologies in various working widths, speeds and outputs

Further development of Brückner’s unique linear motor simultaneous stretching technology, e.g. for high value optical films

All developments presented include brand-new energy saving measures in both, thermal and electrical respect, e.g. an energy monitor for measuring and analyzing the energy consumption of the film production process based on international standards.


News from the R&D department

Interplastica visitors will get information about the latest improvements at Brückner’s technology center, e.g. a new laboratory extrusion line offering increased opportunities for customer initialized developments. Additionally, another milestone from the “Innovation Test Centre” will be presented: the high speed sliding system FOK 8.8 is now approved for speeds up to 600 m/min, after more than 350,000 kilometers of tough testing. The new design (patent pending) includes all the know-how concerning temperature stability, reduced oil consumption and extended lifetime.


Brückner Servtec: Service & upgrading for film stretching lines

The service specialists will show the latest solutions how film producers can improve the productivity of their existing film stretching lines with upgrades and services. Among the topics are energy saving technologies for “green” film production or concepts for the relocation of film stretching lines.

At the joint Brückner Group booth, besides Brückner Maschinenbau, visitors will also meet Kiefel, showing recent developments for the packaging, automotive, medical & appliance industry.