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30.06.2016 0

Bandera sells a blown film line to a Malaysian customer

Bandera strengthened its presence in the South-East Asian market by selling a blown film extrusion line for flexible packaging to a customer based in Malaysia. The 3 layer line is equipped with 1 75 mm extruder for the core layer, and two 50 mm extruders for outer layers. The die head features a 300 mm die, and the lay flat width (trimmed) is 1600 mm. 

In the past two years, Bandera has sold 10 lines to South East Asia, with China remaining the strongest market in this area. 

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17.09.2015 0

Macro installs blown film line with 9 extruders

Film and sheet extrusion machinery supplier Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. (Canada) has installed a state-of-the-art 9-layer system in Europe.  
The 1.8m wide line uses 9 extruders and a Macro proprietary 9-layer die design to produce various barrier structures for the packaging industry to make film and bags. This line is also equipped to run 18-layer structures. 

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03.09.2015 0

New 11 layer layout gives extra flexibility

The production of high barrier films with eleven instead of nine layers? On the one hand an investment in complex modern equipment and on the other an increase in flexibility. Nevertheless the question is: Is it worthwhile? The answer is a very definite yes! In less than a year the investment in an 11 layer blown film line instead of a 9-layer line can be amortised by fully exploiting the diverse opportunities offered by the gained flexibility, the possible savings in raw material and the augmented production capacity.  

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