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Blown film extrusion

23.06.2016 0

Next Generation Films builds new plant

According to reports, Next Generation Films Inc is investing in new capacity. Later this year the company plans to build a new specialty film extrusion plant and to install 10 new blown film extrusion lines (5,7, and 9 layer lines), mostly from Windmöller & Hölscher and Hosokawa Alpine. By this investment Next Generation Films expects the sales to grwo up to a level of USD 500 millin a year. In total numbers, the expansion represents an investment of USD 75 million.

This year, the company installs two blown film lines in an existing plant.


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25.02.2016 0

Reifenhäuser sells 5 blown films lines to Asia

Within only six months, Reifenhäuser has sold five new lines equipped with the Evolution Ultra Flat unit to well reknown customers in Asia. According to the manufacturer the customers were convinced by the high level of production efficiency. For instance, the patented Evolution Ultra Flat film flattening unit is able to correct surface irregularities which otherwise would cause serious issues in winding and converting. 

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06.12.2015 0

Maximise blown film production output

Storing, conveying and distributing materials (especially additives) precisely and efficiently in a plastics processing plant can give significant cost savings. This is the case of Selene, a producer of thermoplastic film, which has recently implemented Winfactory, the innovative supervisory software of Piovan.

1 – Objectives

Automation, tracing, optimisation

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