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23.06.2016 0

Drupa sales beat Bobst's expectations

The technology presented at the Bobst stand resonated well with visitors to drupa 2016, resulting in sales at the show exceeding both expectations and the total recorded at the company's record breaking drupa four years ago. 

Bobst presented solutions at drupa addressed the concerns visitors expressed regarding how to profitably manufacture when run lengths are constantly reducing and labor costs increasing.

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27.05.2016 0

Bobst launches multiple new lines

At drupa 2016, BOBST is launching MW, a new CI flexo press range dedicated to minimizing waste, and 40SIX, a new, highly automated member of the BOBST SIX range. The two models of the new MW range have been developed to help flexible packaging manufacturers efficiently produce short or long runs respectively. The 40SIX, available in several print widths, offers fully automated tool handling which speeds up makereadies and considerably reduces the need for manual handling.  

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12.05.2016 0

High barrier metallized films and elimination of starry night defects

The BOBST DarkNight process produces high barrier metallized films through defect reduction and web-handling optimization.

Loss of barrier performance due to defects is a common problem

Defects on metallized films lead to a drastic deterioration of barrier properties and poor visuals known in the industry as “Starry Night”. Reduced water vapour and oxygen barrier in turn translate in to a reduction in shelf life of food products.

BOBST DarkNight for Higher Barrier Metallized Film

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05.05.2016 0

Eight gravure press installations in India

In 2015 the Indian industry invested in eight Bobst gravure printing lines. These machines join a total of 70 existing gravure printing presses from Bobst for flexible materials already installed in India, these being made up of well over 500 individual print units.

According to own statement, the manufacturer has maintained a market share of 70% of all imported Electronic Shaft gravure presses sold and installed in India, and that their market share is as high as 50% of the aggregate sales of both foreign and Indian Electronic Shaft gravure presses.




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