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09.03.2016 0

Optimized extrusion coating die systems for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is likely the largest market for extrusion coating and is certainly the most demanding. Production volumes are great, calling for coating systems that provide the highest levels of efficiency and raw material savings while entailing the least amount of downtime. The importance of ensuring the integrity of food packaging, the precision required for printing and sealing operations, and the complexity of certain coating structures—these call for stringent standards of quality and consistency.

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24.12.2015 0

Open house at Amut Dolci Bielloni

During the first week of December at Amut Dolci Bielloni plant took place an open house for the presentation of a double stage “Extrusion lamination” line  
The line has a length of approx. 32 meters, and is designed for the production of various types of paper / cardboard webs, coated with Polythene and/or laminated with alufoil.  
The line is controlled by a central console equipped with three video display (touch screen) and by a powerful line supervisor.  

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