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09.03.2016 0

Optimized extrusion coating die systems for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is likely the largest market for extrusion coating and is certainly the most demanding. Production volumes are great, calling for coating systems that provide the highest levels of efficiency and raw material savings while entailing the least amount of downtime. The importance of ensuring the integrity of food packaging, the precision required for printing and sealing operations, and the complexity of certain coating structures—these call for stringent standards of quality and consistency.

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03.12.2015 0

New agent for Nordson in SE Asia

Nordson Corporation has named Kenda Pte Ltd. as an authorized agent for extrusion and coating dies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Singapore.  

Kenda will provide sales and support services for Nordson’s EDI™ range of flat die systems for film, sheet, extrusion coating, and fluid coating.

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24.09.2015 0

World's first 9-manifold extrusion die is up and running

A Nordson EDI nine-manifold flat die, the first of its kind, has been successfully commissioned, producing nine-layer film from various resins. While the degree of improvement will vary with the application, in general Nordson EDI’s nine-manifold die technology promises to reduce variation in individual layer thickness from the +/- 15% tolerance often encountered with comparably advanced feedblock systems to +/- 5%, according to Sam G. Iuliano, chief technologist for Nordson EDI.

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