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16.06.2016 0

First sale of new QuadTech DeltaCam to Goss

QuadTech reported the first sale of its new QuadTech DeltaCam, launched at drupa 2016. It will be featured on the Goss Thallo press, being installed in Russia early next year.

The technology will allow more print operations to utilize advanced inline spectral measurement. Using a 31-bin spectrophotometer, Color Measurement with DeltaCam offers full spectral measurement.

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12.05.2016 0

Goss partners with DG Press

Goss International announced a new strategic partnership with web offset and service specialists DG press ServiceS B.V.. As part of this agreement, Goss has acquired DG press’ Thallo product line, expanding the Goss web offset packaging portfolio.

In the new partnership, DG press will continue to manufacture the Thallo press platform and service/sell the system in Europe, whilst Goss will utilize its global sales, service and distribution network to target customers in North and South America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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12.11.2015 0

New CEO for Goss

Goss International announced the appointment of Mohit Uberoi as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. Mohit joins Goss having previously served as President/Chief Executive Officer at B&W MEGTEC.

Mohit joined MEGTEC in 1997 and led the business from 2003 to 2015. He has significant experience overseeing the transformation of global industrial mid‐market companies with multiple product lines and global locations, with both private equity and public shareholders. 

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07.10.2015 0

Is web offset an alternative? + follow up interview

For those who have never investigated web offset as a solution for their flexible packaging production, the suggestion that it can actually work out to be significantly more cost-effective than gravure and flexography is often greeted with surprise or disbelief.

There are a number of reasons why the process is not readily associated with flexible packaging; some are simply the result of misunderstandings about the core technology, while others are based on outdated perceptions based on yesterday’s market.

Addressing the issues

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