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14.04.2016 0

PLASgran invests in Erema technology

Cambridgeshire based Plasgran has invested GBP 1.7 million in order to improve their plastics recycling capabilities.

According to the company, the INTAREMA 2018 TVEplus system can filter to far finer levels than with standard compounding lines, down to less than 100 micron.The INTAREMA machine features a pre-conditioning unit that is said to reduce energy consumption by up to 12%, which in turn results in lower production costs and carbon emissions.

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16.03.2016 0

NGR named supplier of the year

The german producer of plastic packaging, Oldenburg Kunststoff Technik GmbH has named NGR supplier of the year. In total the Austrian recycling specialist has installed 3 recycling lines at Oldenburg, namely two E:GRAN film series for inline recycling of edge trim, as well as a S:GRAN line for recycling of PE production waste. 

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09.03.2016 0

Valuable raw materials for future generations

We have exceeded our planet's critical limit. The past few decades have been marked by an unparalleled economic growth previously unseen in human history. This sustained economic growth has enabled many people to enjoy a high standard of living that no one today wishes to relinquish and is sought after by many more people around the world. This form of comfortable life has led us to an economic situation where the take-make-consume-dispose model, or linear economy, is hardly questioned any longer. 

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21.01.2016 0

Transform used plastic into raw material

Under which prerequisites can used plastic packaging be transformed into new raw material in the recycling cycle? This was the topic of a workshop conducted at Bischof + Klein with Prof. Gilian Gerke, professor of resource management at Magdeburg-Stendal University.

She discussed current trends in packaging development, modern sorting technologies, recycling requirements and recycling management opportunities with development engineers and employees from B+K's sales, production, environmental protection and regulatory affairs departments. 

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10.12.2015 0

Erema opened new technology centre

The opening of the new EREMA UpCentre on Friday 20 November 2015 in Gunskirchen (not far from the comapny's headquarters in Ansfelden, Austria) generated interest throughout the value chain of the entire international plastics industry – from collecting and sorting companies, producers of washing plants, recyclers and plastics processors to polymer producers and research institutes, all of them were represented. With its UpCentre, EREMA, the global market leader in plastics recycling systems, has opened the doors to a whole new form of upcycling service which means that customers now have C

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