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23.06.2016 0

Reifenhäuser includes Erema equippment in its supply range

Reimotec Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is expanding its range of PET strapping tape lines by including the Vacurema system from recycling specialist Erema in its supply range. In order to meet the demands for processing raw materials even with critical iV values, Reimotec has now linked up with Erema, the Austrian specialist for recycling of plastic materials, thus gaining an invaluable supplier offering another uniquely positioned technology.

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05.05.2016 0

Reifenhäuser installed 5 CPP lines

In 2015, five cast film lines equipped with the new MIDEX-HSD winder for the production of Polypropylene (CPP) packaging film were sold.The MIDEX-HSD winder has been designed to handle large diameters. The reel is no longer moved by a rotating arm or turret mechanism, but slides horizontally onto the machine frame as the diameter is growing. The working principle of the horizontal slide winder enables considerably higher reel loads to be taken up.

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21.04.2016 0

Reifenhäuser helps Chinese newbie

About three years ago, Liu Xian founded Anhui Excellent Plastic Film Tech Co. Ltd. in China. Neither did she had any experience in plastic film production, nor any equipment. Her opinion is that both can be acquired, therefore she was searching for suppliers who provide more than just the technology: “It was clear to us that we could only be successful with excellent system technology and a partner who brings us the know-how needed for operation and production of the end products.

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24.03.2016 0

New monolayer line from Germany

End of last year, Polyrema has presended a new mono layer blown film line during an open house. On the first day, HDPE film was run while on the second day, a biodegradable film from BASF resin was produced.

The critiziced ubiquitous HDPE films used as ultra-thin T-shirt carrier bags for fresh produce are one of the reasons for the growing trend towards the new ecological films which are demanded above all in France today.

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25.02.2016 0

Reifenhäuser sells 5 blown films lines to Asia

Within only six months, Reifenhäuser has sold five new lines equipped with the Evolution Ultra Flat unit to well reknown customers in Asia. According to the manufacturer the customers were convinced by the high level of production efficiency. For instance, the patented Evolution Ultra Flat film flattening unit is able to correct surface irregularities which otherwise would cause serious issues in winding and converting. 

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