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07.07.2016 0

Starlinger supplies sack production equipment to Russian company KZSU

Recently the Russian company Kazanskiy Zavod Sovremennoy Upakovki (KZSU) inaugurated its new production plant for AD*STAR block bottom sacks. In the new plant, KZSU is producing 44 million block bottom sacks for the packaging of cement, gypsum, chemicals, fertilizer, animal feed and other dry bulk goods.

The entire production equipment was supplied by Starlinger. The investment includes extrusion, weaving, coating and printing lines,as well as 2 ad*starKON sack conversion lines and a recoSTAR universal recycling line for treating the production waste from Starlinger. 

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31.08.2015 0

Uteco Diamond VHP installed at Valvosacco Spa

A new Diamond VHP 812 GL model 130 designed and produced by Uteco Group for very long print runs was recently installed at the Valvosacco SPA Plant in Forette of Vigasio (Verona - Italy) a company successfully working in the paper industry field. Beyond the high speed of 800 m/min, the machine allows fast changeovers, thus improving its productivity.
In the same plant two flexographic presses are already on production at full capability: a Uteco Diamond HP 812 running at 600 m/min and a new Onyx 108 running at 500 m/min. 

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