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07.07.2016 0

Starlinger supplies sack production equipment to Russian company KZSU

Recently the Russian company Kazanskiy Zavod Sovremennoy Upakovki (KZSU) inaugurated its new production plant for AD*STAR block bottom sacks. In the new plant, KZSU is producing 44 million block bottom sacks for the packaging of cement, gypsum, chemicals, fertilizer, animal feed and other dry bulk goods.

The entire production equipment was supplied by Starlinger. The investment includes extrusion, weaving, coating and printing lines,as well as 2 ad*starKON sack conversion lines and a recoSTAR universal recycling line for treating the production waste from Starlinger. 

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31.03.2016 0

PP sack welded with sealing band

With the IC*STAR sack concept, developed and realised by Starlinger and STATEC BINDER, broken needles, stitch holes and traces of oil on the sack fabric are now destined to become obsolete.,‟Closure of sacks by welding is the solution of the future for standard woven sacks,” Hermann Adrigan, Sales Director of Starlinger & Co. GmbH is convinced. ‟Compared to sewing, the IC*STAR process offers considerable material savings in sack production, consequently requiring less raw material – polypropylene, in this case.

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04.02.2016 0

Heavy sacks with handles

Starlinger’s AD*STAR *carry sack comes with handles and makes it easy to carry products like cement, ready-mix concrete or fertilizer packaged in it. The patented sacks hold filling quantities from 10 up to 50 kg and can be used for packaging a wide range of dry bulk goods destined for wholesale and retail sale, e.g. construction materials, chemicals, or animal feed. Due to the woven PP the sacks feature high strength at low package weight, provide excellent barrier properties and product protection, and allow attractive styling with print or OPP lamination. 

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24.12.2015 0

New solution for circular weaving

Starlinger’s FX 10.0 launched a new solution in heavy-duty tape fabric production, wiht 10 shuttles, high operating speed combined with low energy consumption.“The FX 10.0 made a big impression at the exhibition, especially on FIBC and other heavy-duty fabric producers”, said Hermann Adrigan, Sales Director at Starlinger & Co. GmbH. “We opted for a 10-shuttle construction because the fabric production process is faster and smoother. We also used special materials for the elements in contact with the tapes so they run as smoothly and gently as possible.

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03.12.2015 0

Starlinger bags major contract in Oman

Contract award with great ceremony: In the exclusive setting of the Business Opportunities Forum in Muscat, Eng. Abdulrahman Awad Abdullah Barham Ba Omar, board member of Salalah Mills Co., and Hermann Adrigan, sales director of Starlinger, signed the sales contract for machinery for producing hot-air-welded AD*STAR block bottom valve bags and sewn woven bags made of polypropylene tape fabric on November 17, 2015.

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